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Everyone has their own likes and unique style. That is why we will meet with you first, discuss your ideas, then customize a package to fit your needs. our custom package for you will include some or all of the services listed below.               

from residential to commercial, we pride ourselves on creating awesome spaces at an affordable cost.

LICENSED & INSURED - free intial consultation

space planning

- determine best layout for furniture
- custom 2d computer layout for kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, landscape & more. 
- organize and find storage solutions to maximize space
- determine best use of wall space for art

color scheme

- determine color palette based on your likes
- incorporate color decision throughout design
- select color for paint, fabrics, flooring & wallpaper.
- custom painting available

go green

- custom packages available that include organic and earth friendly products

designer discounts

- pass on our discounts from major brands - 10%-35% off.


art discounts

- pass on our discounts from two large suppliers of hundreds of artists - 20%-50% off.

product sourcing & buying

- source wide selection of furniture pieces based on your budget
- choose unique art based on your style and provide selection canvas, acrylic, wood, sculptures, etc.
- select floor and window coverings
- accessory selection - frames, vases, plants & more.
- order products for you, arrange shipping and assembly
- budget management

space execution

- hang art, place accessories and have everything prepared for the big reveal


SF Apartment before

Before Photo 

SF apartment after 

High rise condo Lobby Before

high rise condo lobby after

loft kitchen before

loft kitchen after

Rented apartment before

rented apartment after

SF Backyard Before

sf backyard after

dining/reading nook before

dining/reading nook after

additional projects - after photos